Tick Copper

Tick Cooper

John Vance

“I swear by everything I ever owned that my adventure will be the honest truth—even if I had to tell a few lies along the way to get to the meaning of that truth.” So promises Tick Cooper, a twelve year old Ohio boy who’s about to accompany his Uncle Ned down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans.

On the edge of the civil war, John Vance’s Novel, Tick Copper is a memorable read . An exquisitely written ponderous look through the eyes of a 12 year olds protagonist.

A look at our morals and the conditions of America’s history during that time period. Great paced coming of age story. A creative journey down the Mississippi River. It features a well developed portrait of the social and political injustice of that crucial time period in our American history. Eloquently written with an even flowed storyline is absolutely magnificent.

A Literary Achievement for John Vance .

Thanks NetGalley for this complimentary copy for an honest review.

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